Good friends go on an unexpected journey of discovery to Sweden at Midsummer, a young girl explores her love of the dark, a group celebrates an unusual anniversary and a woman is faced with past trauma attending her best friend’s funeral.
These twelve tales blend together the author’s Scandinavian heritage and love of Latin America, coupled with her years of London living. The overriding theme is love in all its guises, while touching upon the thornier issues of fear, jealousy, control, revenge and loneliness.
The anniversary edition, published in the summer of 2020, includes the original twelve stories, as well as six new tales, expanding on the themes of love and revenge.

The short story is notoriously difficult to master, many prize-winning novelists have tried and failed to conquer it, but in this collection AM Hellberg Moberg succeeds. Each story has a unique reward, whether it is in making you laugh out loud, think twice or just feel the pure emotion of her truthful coming of age stories.
– Pearl, UK

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