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Dear Network,

Hope you’ve all had a good few months!

I’ve had a rather quiet summer, especially compared to 2021 when I was stretching my comfort zone in all sorts of directions, from storytelling events to my first photography exhibition in the UK.
This summer has been totally different – not much stretching in any direction, if I’m honest – at least partly due to a bout of covid that left me feeling quite tired for several weeks.
It’s been a very hot summer in the UK, something that this avid winter person finds increasingly tricky to cope with. I’m fairly certain my brain functions far less well once the temperature goes above 30C/mid-80F…

Luckily, I did some work before the temperatures really shot off, so this newsletter – unusually focusing on food & drink – is mostly covering the fruits of earlier labours. As mentioned in previous newsletters, in the autumn of 2021 and early 2022, I was contributing to a South American cookbook and I’m very pleased to say this book is now ready to hit the shelves. It’s the handiwork of Ben Box, author and editor of the South American Handbook (that I’ve also contributed to on and off over the years), and it was great to have the chance to work with him again and try out some fantastic recipes – in my case Uruguayan, Colombian and Argentinean, but the book covers all of South America. The Traveller’s Cookbook South America is published on the 16th of September by Bradt Guides and it’s available for pre-order from their website:
There may be some promotional talks in the pipeline – more information to follow.

And now for the drink element of this newsletter.
Have you ever tried a Romanian whisky? I’d wager most of you would say no. In fact, you might never have heard of such a beverage, which again, is understandable since the first Romanian single malt was only recently launched.
This summer I had the chance to sample all three versions of this whisky (matured in different casks from Pinot Noir to Madeira). I was a little dubious at first – after all, Romania isn’t known for its ancient whisky-distilling traditions – but I was swiftly won over by the gorgeous taste of the tipples. It does, undoubtedly, help that the master distiller of Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is Scottish and most definitely knows what he’s doing.
Consequently, I thought I’d highlight this new-kid-on-the-block whisky to my network, as I know there are a fair few whisky enthusiasts among you.
This is where to find out more:

I appreciate this may well be my least writing-focused newsletter to date, hope you don’t mind too much.

Over the autumn I will be starting an MA with the Open University, so newsletters may be slightly fewer and further between, but please stay subscribed and you will be the first to know about new books, talks and other events for 2023.

All my books are still available via my website, as well as from a few more shops in the UK and Sweden.

Keep in touch and keep well.

All the best,

AM Hellberg Moberg

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