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Spring Newsletter

Dear Network,

Time flies when you’re writing a book and all of a sudden, I’m finding that we’re three months into 2024 already – hope you have had a good start to the year.

After a challenging 2023, I feel things have turned a corner for the better. As mentioned in my last newsletter, I’ve been busy researching and compiling a book of folk tales from all over Sweden for UK publisher The History Press (

I’m pleased to say the manuscript is now with the publisher and the publication date will be some time in October. It was a hugely rewarding project to work on, allowing me to make contact with a great variety of storytellers, folklorists, historians and academics across Sweden. The book includes some 50-60 folk tales, collected and documented over several centuries. The majority did not exist in English translation before and a few had not even been written down before I put finger to keyboard and typed them up – first in Swedish (or local dialect) and then in translation.

From the summer, the book will be available to pre-order and my summer newsletter will include the pre-order link and a few snippets from some of the tales included in the book. There will also be more information about the book launch date/venue and subsequent readings and other events. I’m hoping to persuade the publisher that not all events should be held in London! If you’d be interested in having a Swedish folk tale event in your area (could be live storytelling, or a reading, followed by a Q&A e.g.), do get in touch.

Alongside the book, I was also working on a long-read folk tales feature for literary publication, the Swedish Book Review. It just came out last week and is available to read online:

Right, that’s quite enough folk tales for one newsletter!

I had a wonderful snow fix in northern Norway again this winter. British winters can be, well, soggy, is probably the best word for it, so it’s lovely to be able to sneak off into the snow every so often, even if it’s not for the whole winter. I also find it helps with creativity and making future plans, or just quietly beavering away at a current project. But, that said, I’m still of an adventurous bent when it comes to travelling, so if anyone has any good winter retreat recommendations (with snow!), do let me know.

In other news, a neat little shop in Horsham, just opened, stocks two of my titles (Wayward Wanderings and Hug-Snow Days – see, I managed to get snow into the newsletter again!):

Keep well and, as always, feel free to keep in touch,

All the best,

AM Hellberg Moberg

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