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Fiction Newsletter Spring 2020

Dear network,

After a rather wet, grey and dull January here in the UK, I’ve decided to go ahead and declare it to be spring right now – hence a spring newsletter.

Since my last written instalment, I’ve been moving forward with quite a few plans and innovations.
In fact, this is my first attempt at a more professional-looking newsletter (so my apologies if it’s all “wonky”) and you even have the option of unsubscribing – not that I’d like you use it!

As well as redesigning my newsletter, I have a revamped fiction website which can be viewed here:
It now includes a shop section, featuring my books, as well as a new photo gallery with some of my favourite images. The latter are also available for sale.

My third work of fiction, Hug-Snow Days, came out in January as an illustrated hardback, with some lovely illustrations by talented artist Antonella Sands (
To give you a better idea of what this winter’s fairy-tale is all about, here’s the back cover blurb below:

Three elderly sisters live peacefully in a rambling, ramshackle house by a lake, surrounded by deep forest. Together with their five cats, they enjoy a quiet existence in the winter of their lives, but things haven’t always been this peaceful and harmonious. Over the years, the sisters have resorted to both spells and curses to keep intrepid strangers from their door. This winter tale of snowball fights, an ice-skating knight in shining armour and a bewitched attic, takes the reader into a magical world of feisty women who rescue themselves and aren’t scared to act their age and their shoe size.

Throughout the summer and autumn, I’m aiming to focus on new material for 2021, including my first work of fiction in Swedish and I’m still looking for recommendations for peaceful places to write. Also feel free to drop me a line if you know of any interesting (smaller) literary festivals looking for authors to participate/give talks.

I will be at the London Book Fair (10th-12th March) this year and I’m always happy to meet up with other creatives, so if you happen to be attending as well, do get in touch.

Best wishes,

AM Hellberg Moberg

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