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Fiction update spring 2019

Dear friends,
As some of you know, over the last couple of years I have been slowing down my travel writing career somewhat (although I still enjoy a good travel stint, every now and then), and instead branched out into writing fiction and poetry. This shift has been an interesting journey in itself, particularly after I decided, earlier this year, to publish independently. A steep learning curve, to say the least, but I’m very happy to announce that as of the 9th of May, my first work of fiction will be available on Amazon as a first edition hardback copy, as well as an eBook on Kindle.

The book, “How Pat Got Her Five Cats – A Tale For Cat Lovers” was first begun on a flight to Málaga in 2016 and then languished in a half-forgotten Word file for many months, before I picked it up where I left off, at a writers’ retreat in Scotland. Although a book with any cat lover in mind, it’s perhaps best suited to a younger audience, but hopefully that won’t stop adults from having a few good chuckles as well. For this book, I’ve been working with the talented artist Dani Bergson, who provided the fantastic cat illustrations.

You can take a look at the book here:
Or alternatively on my website:
Apologies, my website is rather slow to load, but bear with it – it does work.
Dani Bergson’s work can be viewed here:

So, who on earth is AM Hellberg Moberg? Well, after years of living with a surname that no one outside of Sweden can spell or pronounce, I decided to write fiction under a pen name. Admittedly, this one doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Smith or Jones (or Svensson or Johansson), but it is at least one that I like, and comes complete with family history.

As Amazon does not link author pages, I have created a new one here:

For the non-cat lovers among you, I’m pleased to say I will also have a second book out, most probably in June. This is a collection of 12 short stories, exploring the themes of love in all its guises, with a hint of revenge thrown in. The current working title is “Boldly Into Darkness Go” and this will be available as a paperback and eBook.

I’m toying with the idea of sending out a newsletter on a regular basis. If you’re interested in receiving such a newsletter, please let me know and I will add you to my mailing list.

All the best,

AM Hellberg Moberg aka Anna Maria

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