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Fiction update summer & autumn 2019

Dear friends,

It’s been a little while since my last update – I’ve been busy enjoying summer and the fruits of my labour.
I’m pleased to say my first work of fiction, How Pat Got Her Five Cats – A Tale For Cat Lovers, is doing quite well and is currently available for sale on Amazon and via my website. However, I’m even more excited to announce my collection of short stories, Boldly Into Darkness Go, is also out and available for sale internationally.

This collection of 12 stories is a bit of a departure from the light and fluffy writing found in the recent cat book. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s the kind of book that makes me happy my father’s grasp of English is rather limited. Most of the stories were written during the month I spent at an Andean retreat in Urubamba, Peru, last March and even though these aren’t travel tales, there are definite hints of Latin America lingering in some of the stories. Scandinavia has certainly sneaked in too and Scotland makes a quick guest appearance in the title story.

My Amazon author page has more information:
And so does my website:
(Still rather slow-loading, sadly.)

For the duration of this project I worked with the excellently patient and knowledgeable Pearl Howie, who helped me wade through the (for me) scary quagmire of publishing independently with IngramSpark and Lulu, as well as designing the book and formatting the stories.
She is running an interesting-sounding retreat, entitled Being The Storyteller, at the Beach House in West Wittering this September.
For more information on Pearl’s work and books see:

Fiction is, as you know, a fairly new venture for me and I’d love to hear from people who have read either of my two recent books. Reviews on Amazon or elsewhere are also welcome (with some trepidation).

I’m hoping to do a more formal book launch in the autumn and would love to see friends from the UK and further afield for the occasion – details to follow.

If anyone happens to find themselves in Western Sweden in the autumn, I’ll be going down memory lane, giving a talk on “Life as a travel writer” at the local library in Arvika on the 3rd of October (programme to follow):
The accompanying exhibition, with images from 16 countries, will be running from the 30th of September for two weeks.
I’m actively looking to take on more speaking engagements, so please spread the word. Needless to say, I’m happy to travel.

In the autumn, I will be spending time in Edinburgh and surroundings from the 10th of November and would love to connect with authors and other creatives while I’m in town. If you are based in the area, feel free to get in touch via my website.

Finally, I spent a wonderful, creative, and peaceful week at Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre, Moniack Mhor in June, which allowed me the time to move forward with a relatively new project close to my heart, a collection of tales based on my mother and her older sister when they were young girls, written in the local dialect of my region (I do like a challenge!). More information on this project to follow in the autumn, along with details of my third book – a winter’s fairy-tale about three sisters and the odd knight in shining armour (emphasis on “odd”).

Have a good rest of the (northern hemisphere) summer,

AM Hellberg Moberg aka Anna Maria

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