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Pre-Christmas Newsletter

Dear Network,


Hope you are all managing to keep well, wherever you are.

You might have noticed that my newsletters have been getting fewer and further between. Again, this is because I wanted to wait until I had some good news and, in a year like 2020, that’s taken some time.

Personally, I feel as though the year has turned a corner and I’m aiming to make this pre-Christmas newsletter jampacked with news.

First things first – the Christmas special!
If you haven’t read me as yet, Christmas is as good a time as any to treat yourself to some new books and my works of fiction can all be bought online, via my website. I’m doing a special offer on the winter fairy-tale Hug-Snow Days and I’ve extended the offer on my two cat books over the Christmas period.
If you have already got my books (thank you very much – always appreciated!), I’d wager there are people you know who have not, so if you know someone who’d like a cute cat book (or two), a quirky winter fairy-tale, or a wicked collection of short stories, this is the place to shop for Christmas:
The special offer link is on the home page.
I’m pleased to say my books have made it to China and South Africa over the autumn, as well as finding more homes in Sweden and the USA.
Much as I’m encouraging people to shop for presents for others, I’m also fond of them myself and they won’t even need wrapping! What I’m hoping for, are some reviews from those of you who have read my books, that I’m able to put up on my website – just a short one will do. If you’re happy to be quoted on my website, please email me with your review/comments. Many thanks in advance.

As an inside, several of my books are still available on Amazon, but in my humble opinion, I feel they have made enough money during/from the current crisis and I have taken a pledge not to shop via them if I can help it, no matter how convenient. As always, I prefer people to use my web shop, if buying my books or photography, but each to their own.

After something of a creative slump over the summer, things have picked up over the autumn and I’ve had two poems in Swedish published in a lovely little local magazine, Gûnnerske Nytt, in Western Sweden. I’m particularly pleased since it’s published in what used to be my mother’s home village.

My books have also managed to wing their way across to Sweden this autumn, which is heartening, given that travel restrictions have meant I’ve not been able to visit since the end of January. Three of my books are now available for sale at the local tourist board in my hometown, Arvika:
And, in further Sweden news, my books have started to find their way into several Swedish libraries.

I’m also really happy and excited to announce that the non-fiction travel book, I mentioned in my last newsletter, is well underway. The current working title is Wayward Wanderings – A Travel Memoir and I’m hoping it’ll be ready for sale in the spring. All in all, it will include 25 chapters, with journeys through 23 countries and, if all goes to plan, the book will also have a generous selection of my images to accompany the stories. It will span over 30 years of travel, from my first solo journey at 16, to my most recent visit to Mexico in 2017. Putting this book together rather falls under the heading of “torturous fun” since travel has been so off-limits all of 2020, but that said, it’s been interesting to take those turns down memory lane, reading notes and browsing photos from travels past. At present, countries that get a chapter include Colombia, China, Oman, Cuba, Estonia, Mexico, Sweden, Argentina and many others. Some of the writing has been published as travel features before, but there are also plenty of untold stories that are itching to be read.

I wish you all as good a festive season as possible and here’s to a better 2021!

As always, feel free to get in touch with your news or just to say hi, and keep spreading the word.

All the best,

AM Hellberg Moberg

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